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How Water Technology Is Changing Water Processes for Refineries

by Leanne Hersey

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When dealing with any kind of water treatment at a refinery, you will quickly learn that lease agreements for industrial water treatment equipment are very popular. With this type of agreement, the water treatment provider owns and operates the equipment and the refinery gets a steady stream of high quality feed water for boilers and cooling towers. Refineries find this useful because the older, more traditional forms of water treatment generally provided (such as reverse osmosis) need to be monitored and adjusted regularly to guarantee proper performance. While this lease method is effective -  it puts a big dent in your operational budget.


However, newer forms of industrial reverse osmosis (such as Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis) offer some features that make owning your water treatment equipment not only more affordable but also much easier to operate. This form of reverse osmosis has a process design and smart software that allows the system to adapt to changing feedwater, resist fouling or scaling and even the remote control of the system through your mobile phone or laptop. For refineries looking to reduce costs on water and maintenance without sacrificing stability, this is something worth looking into.

Being able to mitigate risk is essential for refineries. Having a water treatment system that is smart enough to adapt to changes in feed water on its own does just that - but for a fraction of the cost. These newer CCRO systems are also able to achieve high recovery on countless water chemistries, including many types of wastewater. So for refineries that pay for water from a municipality (like those in the North east and in California) that reuse wastewater, CCRO helps them do just that. Of course, these systems are also available for lease packages - and with the added operational reliability - can often still reduce costs when comparing lease to lease.

You can learn more about Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis from Desalitech here or our DesaliCare Service and maintenance packages for extra support here. 

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