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Consumers Care About Your Water Conservation Efforts

by Leanne Hersey

water reduction efforts help consumers

U.S. consumers care more than ever about water conservation. Nearly 60% of consumers reduce their water usage in an effort to protect the environment and they expect their favorite brands to do the same.

In a recent survey by Nestlé Waters North America, more than half (53%) of consumers and two-thirds (67%) of experts say that businesses in the U.S. use too much water. Of the 6,142 surveyed, the majority of respondents rated U.S. businesses with a "C" when asked to grade their sustainability efforts.

The survey tells us that most consumers would like to see U.S. based businesses prioritize efforts to reduce the amount of water they use in operations. In fact,  more than two-thirds suggest businesses should work with community groups to address water related issues like educating community members on water usage and conservation.

Water Use and Recycling Is Important to Consumers and Experts Alike

Over 49% of consumers and 54% of experts cite depletion of water sources as one of the biggest threats to clean drinking water in the U.S.  An average of 27% of people surveyed consider conversation of existing water sources to be the best approach to addressing this issue. Innovation in water technology was also considered to be a good approach to addressing the depletion of water sources with 22% of consumers and 26% of experts saying so.

So what can your facility do to reduce water? Check out our industry guides to water treatment or view these case studies to see what using Desalitech's CCRO technology has done for many companies looking to save water and improve operations.

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