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3 Ways to Improve Mining Operations in 2018

by Leanne Hersey

industry-2023592_1920The critical nature of mining operations does not lend itself to testing out seemingly unproven new processes and technologies. However, the mining industry is due for a few upgrades and we've identified 3 ways that mining outfits can improve operations and efficiency through technology in 2018 - without the risk.

Here are the top 3 ways:

1. Embrace Digital

In an industry that used to be measured on production, having quality insight into efficiency is becoming a differentiator in the industry. To be more specific - how companies react to that information is the true differentiator. Having accurate data and acting on optimizations can quite literally transform operations by maximizing efficiency, lowering costs and improving safety. Having a clear vision of the use of digital in the future can help steer current decisions, allowing for an efficient transition.


2. Dedication to Responsibility

With the launch of the Responsible Mining Index 2018 the amount of mining companies seeking to join the mission is outstanding. Not only are the goals commendable, but they aim for a prosperous and fair outcome to all stakeholders. RMI measures things like: economic development in regions mining companies operate, business conduct, life cycle management, community well-being and environmental sustainability. If managed properly, these factors keep stakeholders, board members, employees and communities as happy, thriving partners of your business. 


3. An Extra Emphasis on Water Use

Environmental sustainability is important and the need for sustainable water management within the mining industry has become critical global water experts warn of water shortages and water risk. Mining has always been water intensive but as ore grades decline, more water is needed to extract the same quantity, requiring more water for the industry overall - at a time where there is even less water to go around. Leveraging disruptive technological innovations in water allows for high efficiency water reuse; allowing mining site to do more with less. 


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